Shauna-Nicole hails from Connecticut. She is a mom to the greatest little boy in the world. Shauna-Nicole has always lived her life authentically, much to the dismay of society. She marches to the beat of her own drummer, and focuses more on what her gut is saying, than her brain and heart. 

Creative since birth (1982), she has always found solace in art and anything else that is considered creative. It has been her dream to make a living out of her passion, and it has taken her til recently to be fearless enough to chase her dream. She got to a point in life where she realized that societal standards for her life were just far-fetched. "Society doesn't know me, why should I let it be my blueprint?"

She is now determined to let the arts be her career.

Shauna-Nicole has always had her own taste and flair. Always alternative, sometimes a little dark, and never on trend. 

If you are just like Shauna-Nicole, you may find some amazing treasures inside her store.